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Our Buddy Days and Work Days make ideal gifts.

Not only a very generous present, it also means the recipient can gain practical hands-on experience to solve any problem in their garden with the help of a qualified gardener.

A gift that will be remembered long after the flowers have faded.

Our gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.  



The Perfect Gift - A “Buddy” Day! This can either be a half or a full day working with one of our horticulturists in your garden addressing a particular horticultural problem area, or simply gaining a better understanding of how your garden works and what you can accomplish.

Pruning, planting and even tedious jobs are much more enjoyable if done in company.

It could be that you have a particular job in mind which you have lacked the confidence to plan out on your own - we can work with you to show you how to get started.

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 Work Days & Vouchers

Individual work day, or half day vouchers can be purchased to ‘spend’ on any job you wish us to do in your garden. A short telephone consultation to find out what is required is included, so that we can arrive equipped correctly and ready to tackle the job.

Choose from one or more of our Seasonal Care Days - we can either work for you, or with you on a one-to-one basis, to achieve maximum effect. (See our Garden Care and Management page)

Seasonal Care

New Garden KnowHow gift vouchers

This voucher allows you to choose how you would like to use the gardener’s time.

Clearing an overgrown area, redesigning part of your garden, putting together a planting plan, pruning shrubs or fruit trees – anything in the garden you need knowledgeable help with.

Call us to book your gardener or click here for a voucher form.